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Device Diagnostic Service


Let US figure out for YOU what is truly wrong with your device. Save yourself hundreds of dollars on trial-and-error repairs. We use state of the art technology and programs to run diagnostics and pinpoint what exactly is wrong with your device before we begin any repair. We pride ourselves in being one of the few Tech teams that have a superior understanding on carrier unlock services and truly know how to unlock iphones.

Device Repair Services


 Why fix what is not broken? Cell phones are an integral part of daily life for communication, coordination, business, and simply staying connected to friends and family.  Avoid having to go through trial and error, and spend hundreds of dollars on repairing what is not broken. At the Wireless Wizard we want to help you save, and that means taking on the diagnostics cost and splitting it with you. We then apply your diagnostics fee to the overall repair. 

Carrier Unlock Services


 Avoid ridiculous international fees. Switch carriers without buying a new phone. Raise the value of your phone. Those are only three reasons to carrier unlock your device. Our Carrier unlock services uses state-of-the art programming to bring to you a seamless and efficient process of switching over and continue to enjoy the same device. Stop by today for cell phone unlocking!